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Local reaction to Target PIN code breach

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A massive, widespread data security breach at just got a whole lot messier for the Target corporation.

On Friday the retail giant released new information that many customers were devastated to hear.

Despite initial reports that stated otherwise, it turns out that debit card PIN numbers were also, in fact, among the financial information stolen from millions of Target customers.

Originally the company had stated that the security breach was limited to credit card numbers, expiration dates and other credit card related information, but now the infraction seems to have gone much deeper.

NBC10 caught up with a Cumberland woman who says she's one of the millions of American victims now caught up in the recent Target information breach debacle.

Erinn Raimondi says she first realized there was a problem on Friday when a quick bite to eat turned chaotic for her and her five-year-old little girl.

"I was out to lunch with my daughter, and decided to just randomly check on my phone how much money I had left in my account, and low and behold there were all these charges to supermarkets in California!," she said.

Raimondi told NBC10 that as she looked at her phone, she was appalled to notice that a total of $695.05 was missing from her bank account, all purchases, she says, she did not make, and had never authorized.

When asked what she felt like as she was holding the phone in the restaurant, and looking at all of the charges originating from the west coast, Raimondi's response was, "I felt awful. I had this sinking, sinking feeling. I mean, everybody hates to look at their credit card statements after Christmas, but not for this reason."

In fact, for several minutes, Erinn wasn't even sure if she had enough money to pay for the lunch she had already ordered for her and her daughter. So she called her bank right away.

"And the first question that my bank asked is: 'Have you shopped at Target?' And I said, ‘Yes,' And he said, 'Well how many charges do you see (on your phone)?' And I said, 'seven that aren't mine, all posted from yesterday.' And then he (the banker) said well, I hate to tell you, but there's a lot more (charges from California) than that, that haven't gone through yet," Raimondi reported.

She says the one thing each of the California supermarket charges had in common was the fact that they were made with her debit card using her own secret pin number.

Luckily, Raimondi says, her bank stopped the new fraudulent charges, and refunded the already stolen money immediately.

"I always thought that using the pin number was going to make me feel pretty confident that I was safe, and now I guess I really feel very vulnerable, and I don't know what's going to make me feel safe now, really," the concerned shopper said.

But still, some Target shoppers walking out of the Lincoln Target location on Friday told NBC10 they aren't at all worried about using plastic at the store now.

Dana Wicks of Woonsocket said, "I am not (worried). Because I think as long as they fix the problem, as long as you're responsible and you check your receipts and check your online banking statements, the problem will be fixed and Target will take care of it."

John Reynolds of Woonsocket said, "No, I'm not (concerned). I mean a lot of people have been hacked. Sony's been hacked before, XBox has been hacked lots and lots of places have had that happen. It's not that big of a deal, and I don't worry about it, I don't worry about it at all."

Raimondi's advice for you? If you have shopped at Target with a credit or debit card in the past few months, you may want to consider cutting up and canceling your card, and ordering a new one, just in case.

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